010-151 Dumps | Which command-line interface mode

Question: 10

Which command-line interface mode is best described by this prompt?
UCS-switch-A (nxos)#

A. maintenance mode
B. EXEC mode
C. local management mode
D. global configuration mode
E. Cisco IOS mode

Answer: B

010-151 Dumps | Which two major components does a Cisco

Question: 8

Which two major components does a Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switch have? (Choose two.)

A. Virtual Fiber Channel Module
B. Virtual Ethernet Module
C. Virtual Supervisor Module
D. Virtual Memory Controller Module
E. Virtual Network Module

Answer: B,C

010-151 | Which type of connection across the network…

Question: 4

Which type of connection across the network does a SAN allow for multiple servers to access an unlimited amount of storage devices?

A. any-to-many
B. many-to-any
C. any-to-any
D. any-to-one
E. one-to-any
F. one-to-one

Answer: C

010-151 | Which method is a TCP/IP-based…

Question: 1

Which method is a TCP/IP-based protocol for establishing and managing connections between IP-based storage devices, hosts, and clients?


Answer: C

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